Bougainville Fund Management, LLC is managed by John D. Kuhns and Mary E. Fellows, who together with other experienced personnel residing both in Bougainville and elsewhere invest the Company’s capital as well as manage its underlying businesses and projects.

The Company’s management team has substantial experience forming and managing comparable investment vehicles in far-away places with similar investment goals and circumstances. They have also managed, as control principals, the types of businesses and projects in which BFM expects to invest.

In addition to Kuhns and Fellows, the Company has 6 investors—Howard L. Clark, Jr., Anthony Dixon, Peter C. Georgiopoulos, Richard H. Hochman, Charles M. Royce and Dr. Samuel W. Shoen—who are available to provide the Company’s management with guidance and experience.

John D. Kuhns

Mr. Kuhns is a founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. He has created 6 companies which have completed IPOs including three independent power companies focused on renewable power generation. Most recently, in 2006 Mr. Kuhns founded and was Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of China Hydroelectric Corporation, at the time the largest foreign owner and operator of hydroelectric projects in China, with 563 megawatts of capacity at 27 generating facilities, which closed its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange in January 2010.

Mr. Kuhns received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, where he was captain of the varsity football team and is a member of the University’s Athletic Hall of Fame; a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Chicago, where he was also an undergraduate teaching assistant in sculpture and drawing and an art and culture critic for the Maroon, the university’s newspaper; and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Mary E. Fellows

Mary E. Fellows is a founder and Executive Vice President of the Company. Fellows was a co-founder and Executive Vice President of China Hydroelectric Corporation. From 2003 to 2006, she was a founder and a director of GenSelf Corporation, a leading seller of photovoltaic systems in Southern California. From 1997 to 2002, she helped establish and was a director and Corporate Secretary of the Solar Electric Light Company, a provider of solar home systems to customers in India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. From 1996 to 1999, she was employed as director of corporate administration and Corporate Secretary of The New World Power Corporation, a renewable energy company that owned, operated and developed hydroelectric, wind and solar projects around the globe.

Ms. Fellows attended Regis College, received her bachelor's degree in Science from Teikyo Post University, and graduated from the AMP program of Harvard Business School.

Key Support Team

We currently employ approximately a dozen competent personnel on the ground in Bougainville, led by Tete Omas, General Manager, Ms. Dorothy Lare, Administration Manager, and Ates Genora, Small-Scale Equipment Program Manager.